• May 30

    This Friday June 1st - Meet Local Top Inventors Caleb Chung & John Susoka

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    Learn how local inventors use inexpensive technologies (under $2) to make their products pop on Friday, June 1st at 1pm. Meet Caleb Chung, inventor of Furby & Pleo; John Susoka, CTO of Ugobe/Pleo & Owner of Pulse Robotics; and Derek Dotson, Sr. Applications Engineer for Spectrum Rep Company. Tour the New Product Development (NPD) Lab. Meet the NPD Team that can help turn your idea into a product. Eat. Drink. Be merry.

    But wait, there's more! Learn about these under $2 technologies:

    Comair - wireless communications using only the standard speaker & microphone in an iPhone
    Near Field - low cost coil communications solution
    Flash Card Reader - low cost LED shadow reader
    Songify - recording & voice modification demo
    Complete Microcontroller & Smart Bluetooth Radio
    2mm Cube VGA Camera Chip with Lens
    32 Bit Intel ARM Microcontroller

    Still need a reason to attend? Let Caleb Chung and Blake Young explain why this event is not to be missed! Hint: the price of high tech gadgets has com down - what does that mean for you and your idea?

    Join us at the NPD Lab Friday June 1st at 1pm at the BSU Micron Engineering Ctr (1020 S. Manitou Ave - MEC106) and learn more. The event is free.

    RSVP here. Questions? Contact Blake Young at (208) 426-5635 or blakeyoung(at)boisestate.edu

    Sponsored by TechHelp and BSU College of Engineering.

  • May 30

    Kick Off Summer at The Modern Hotel on June 6th

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    Join us at The Modern Hotel in one week (Wednesday June 6th) at 4:30 pm to kick off Summer and celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of Girls in Tech Boise. Please note this replaces our traditional 11:30 am meeting.

    This will also be our last meeting for a few months (until September). Stop by for a few minutes or come stay awhile and catch up with the Girls and other interested community members. That's right, we are throwing the doors open and inviting everyone to raise a glass to the number 3!

    You know what we like to say - be there and be square!

  • May 23

    Ready to Answer the Call of Duty?

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    The Presidential Innovation Fellows Program was announced today. The 6-month program, based in Washington DC, connects innovators from all walks of life - non-profits, private industry, academia and federal government employees on big/complex issues with the goal of realizing significant business results.  Are you as intrigued as us? Keep reading.

    The work is organized in sprints, based in Washington DC, with support from the broader community of interested people - for those of us with no programming skills - this is where we get to be part of the team. 

    Five projects have been identified:

    MyGov - Re-imagine the relationship between the federal government and its citizens though an online footprint developed not just for the people, but also by the people.  

    Open Data Initiatives - Stimulate a rising tide of innovation that utilizes government data to create tools that help Americans better navigate their world, whether it's finding the right health care provider, identifying the college that provides the best value for their money, saving money on electricity bills through smarter shopping or keeping their families safe by knowing which products have been recalled and much more. 

    Blue Button for America - Develop tools that will help individuals utilize their own health records -- current medications and drug allergies, claims and treatment data, and lab reports -- to improve their health and health care.

    RFP-EZ - Build a platform that makes it easier for small high-growth business to navigate the federal government, and enables agencies to quickly source low-cost, high-impact information technology solutions. 

    The 20% Campaign - Create a system that enables US government programs to seamlessly move from making cash payments to support foreign policy, development assistance, government operations or commercial activities to using electronic payments such as mobile devices, smart cards or other methods. 

    Get application materials and follow along on the progress here.


  • May 06

    IdaVation 2012 is Just Days Away

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    Do you have your ticket to the May 10th event?  This year's program features a veritable who's who of Boise's entrepreneurial scene with Ryan Woodings, Faisal Shah, Jeff Russell, Noah Bryan, J Glerum, Paul Carew, Mike Francis, Wyatt Werner, and Russ Stoddard- to name a few.  Add in the expertise of Nancy Napier, Jana Straubhar, Jaime Cooper, Don Bush, Alisa Bondurant, Steve Hatten and Kate Wallace among others and you quickly realize that you want to be where the cool kids are on May 10th.  That's right, at the Boise Centre for IdaVation 2012!

    If that's not enough to convince you, the Keynote is Daymond John, fashion designer, creator of FUBU, branding and marketing expert and Shark.  This alone is worth the price of admission! And did we mention that Girls in Tech Boise members can register at the Kickstand member price?  That's right!  Simply select the member price ($99 + fees) and you too can be inspired to think different and act now.

    C'mon we need you!  We know that there are entrepreneurial ideas out there just waiting to find the right time to make themselves known.  The time is now.  Be a cool kid.

    Think different, act now!  See you at IdaVation on Thursday.  

  • May 03

    Hacker School Scholarships Available

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    Applications are being accepted for Hacker School, a 3 month full-time opportunity to fine-tune your programming skills in New York City.  The summer session begins June 4th.  While the Hacker School is free, living in New York for the summer is not.  Etsy has made scholarships available to women in technology.  The application deadline for the scholarship is May 7th.

    More information can be found here.

    Good luck!


  • May 01

    Beta Testers Needed!

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    We have an opportunity to be involved in a beta test with one of our favorite Girls In Tech Boise supporters, Tsuvo, Inc. They have asked that we pass this survey along to our members. 

    Anyone who is able to complete the survey, will also have an opportunity to beta test their program. This product is a culmination of all their work, and they are very excited to get it off the ground! They also promised that if you choose to be a beta tester, it is completely painless! And, anyone who completes the survey will be invited to their digs for a party, Tsuvo style, this Thurday evening!

    Click here to take the survey.