• June 23

    Startup Weekend Idaho Postponed

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    A message on the Startup Weekend site states that the event is being postponed until September 9 - 11.  Tickets will be refunded if you are unable to make the September dates.

    The event will still be held at Stevens Henager.  

    Event organizers promise a special commemoration honoring Veterans as the event coincides with the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

    Stay tuned as more details are announced.....
  • June 22

    Its Summertime and the Fun is Just Starting

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    Welcome Summer!

    As you sit back and think of ways to beat the heat (who thought we'd say that after such a wet Spring?) Girls in Tech Boise reminds you that there are a lot of terrific events heading your way.  If you can't get to all of them, that's ok - just get out there, talk to people, network, learn something new and most importantly - have fun!

    First up is Boise Web Techs monthly meeting (always the 4th Thursday of the month) - My SQL Performance.  The meetup happens in Room 202 of the US Bank Building (101 S. Capitol Blvd) from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  Cory Marsh will talk about optimizing your schema and queries to remove bottlenecks.  More information can be found here.

    Friday morning at 8:00 am brings the next installment of the TechBoise Open Coffee Club at the Cole Marr Coffeeshop in BODO.  This is a half hour earlier than previous meetings to five everyone time to get their caffeine on.  Girls, you came through for us in May - let's see what we can do in June.  If you are interested in presenting your company, contact ryan(at)merageek.net.  

    Boise Rec Fest kicks off at Ann Morrison Park on the 25th of June.  As techies that work hard, we know you know how to play hard too.  The Rec Fest provides an opportunity to learn about the abundant recreational opportunities in the Boise Valley.  

    The Discovery Center of Idaho offers a variety of Summer and Day Camps - fun for the whole family.  Check out their site for more information.

    This is just a start to what we know will be a jam packed Summer.  Get out there!

    We want to be jealous when we ask what you did on your Summer vacation!
  • June 21

    Mobile App Workshop June 27th at BSU

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    Interested in learning how to develop mobile apps?  Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu is teaching a 6 week workshop this summer at BSU.  The workshop begins, June 27th.  

    We are seriously considering registering.  Who is with us?

    Workshop Description
    Leverage the potential of mobile technologies by exploring, analyzing, and designing mobile apps for use in various settings such as teaching, learning, and work.

    Workshop Objectives
    Participants will be able to

    Describe potential application of mobiles computing for learning and teaching

    Explore, list, and justify the Top 5 apps for their context of use

    Describe the design function and components of Android App Inventor

    Create simple apps by following a set of tutorials

    Create an app design proposal for their proposed apps

    Design individual apps to assist learning, teaching, or work

    Minimum Technologies Required

    High-speed or broadband Internet connection



    Android phones strongly recommended

    Total Fees: $295, three optional transcripted professional development credits available at Boise State for additional $180.

    This workshop is mainly designed for the Android platform. You can and are welcome to participate in this workshop if you have mobile devices other than Android phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre etc.) because you can test the apps you develop with an Android Emulator (free download) on your computer running Windows/Mac OX/Linux. However, you won't be able to test your apps if your design required some device-only function, such as



    GPS: e.g., Geo-tagging;

    Accelerometer: e.g., Shake your phone to execute the app.

    It is recommended that you have at least two monitors for participating in this workshop. During the tutorial and app design phase, you will find your work much efficient without having to shift between different application windows on one screen.

    Contact Dr. Hsu at hsu(at)boisestate.edu with any questions.

    Register here.

  • June 20

    People are messy. The technology we invent is messy, too. Deal with it

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    This is principle 3 of "On the Network's" Manifesto about the internet.  Note the lower case on internet.  Derek Powazek, creator of On the Network (a blog and podcast) added an 11th principle to the Manifesto (its internet not Internet - because its not new or scary anymore).

    On the Network is collecting tales from internet users' about their 'aha' moment - when did you realize the Internet would change everything?  We are not talking about the slow modem or the technological interplay (although that is interesting - to a point), we want to know (or rather On the Network wants to know) WHEN you realized this was the greatest thing since sliced bread. When did your world change because of the internet?  Was it meeting someone online (be it a chat room or online dating service)?  When your Mom showed you her favorite apps?  When your grandparents facetimed you?   Playing your favorite music from the cloud? 

    Its an interesting idea.  We take the internet for granted - we complain when a site is down or when our service is interrupted.  We use it to research and gather information, to stay in touch, to stream music, tv and movies, read newspapers and magazines, shop, share files and pictures, find stuff and people - there's no end to what it brings to daily life.  

    Take a step back and beyond from your day to day.  What's your first net?  

    Powazek wants to know.  He wants to hear it from you.  You can call and leave a message with your first net 415.483.5628 or record it and email it to him at otnshow(at)gmail.com.

    The catch?  You only get 1 (one) minute!    

    Check out the On the Network blog and the Manifesto.  There's some interesting food for thought.  

    And remember, its messy out there.


  • June 18

    Startup Weekend Idaho

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    Not sure if you have what it takes to start a business?  Do you have an idea but aren't sure about making it happen?  Want to meet more of Boise's fabulously creative community?  Then get yourself to Startup Weekend Idaho style next weekend - June 24th through the 26th for 54 hours of nonstop startup activity.

    Doors open at 5:30pm on Friday the 24th and the fun starts.  We'd say the work starts, but you'll be so busy thinking of ideas and figuring out how to make them happen that you won't even know what time (or day it is).  Check out the schedule.  

    Don't worry - they feed you - we've got to keep those creative juices flowing.  Who knows? Idaho's next breakout company may be there!

    Sponsors include Tribute Media, the Ground Floor and Boise Cribs.

    All the action takes place at Stephens Henager College (1444 S. Entertainment Blvd., Boise)

    Tickets are $50 ($35 with a  student ID).

    We promise you will come away with some great new friends, an appreciation for all things entrepreneurial and a definite answer to that age old question - should I start-up my own company?

  • June 17

    Scentsy is Enjoying the Sweet Smell of Success

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    We know - its a terrible pun to announce some terrific news for local company, Scentsy. They are growing and have several openings!  If you are looking for a fun work environment (not an oxymoron, we promise) with lots of growth potential, check out this local company.  Current openings include: 

    UI Designer
    .Net Developer
    SAP (Analysts, PM, Developer)
    Database Developer

    Additional information and other job openings can be found on their site.  You can also contact Amanda Moore at agmoore(at)scentsy.com.

  • June 10

    Work with a Leading Global Digital Marketing Firm in Boise

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    Wire Stone seeks an experienced Account Manager for their Fortune 1000 clients.  The position, based in Boise, plays a crucial client service role on all project activities.

    Intrigued?  Read on....

    Scope and responsibilities
    The successful applicant will play a critical role as the client services contact on all project activities. This position requires a deep understanding of marketing through a wide variety of digital and print mediums. 

    Job specifications include:
    Partner with clients to determine project strategy and objectives 
    Successfully manage project of all types including large scale web development, online advertising, sales tools, and mobile applications
    Manage all client communication 
    Help cross-functional teams establish an ideal client delivery solution 
    Develop project timeline and milestones 
    Establish, maintain and manage project budgets 
    Ensure client satisfaction with overall project deliverables 
    Set up project accounting, purchase orders and invoicing 
    Ensure successful problem resolution, both client-facing and internal 
    Perform post-project reviews internally and with client upon project completion   

    Experience and skill requirements
    The successful candidate will have significant experience in client service management for Fortune 1000 companies in a cross-section of verticals. 

    Required skills include:
    Five years or more project management experience 
    Experience in marketing, advertising, or consulting industries
    Proven expertise managing details and balancing multi-task activities
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
    Strong relationship management skills
    Confident presentation skills
    Influential leadership skills
    Great team player
    MS Office (especially Word and Excel) expertise and overall strong software skills

    Wire Stone benefits
    Wire Stone places the highest value on its employees and creates an environment where a “can-do" spirit is fostered and rewarded. 

    Employee benefits include
    Medical, dental, and vision insurance 
    Paid vacations and personal days 
    401(k) plan 
    Short- and long-term disability insurance 
    Life insurance 
    Flexible spending accounts 
    Please reply via e-mail to resumes(at)wirestone.com

    Wire Stone specializes in multiple-channel, multiple-audience marketing communication programs for some of the strongest and most recognizable brands in the world. Wire Stone is an independent, global, digital marketing solutions agency with 175 people throughout our offices in seven U.S. and one European city. We rank among the top 2% of marketing services ranked by revenue by Advertising Age. Our company was created 11 years ago by a series of strategic acquisitions all brought together to create a unique agency that leverages interactive technologies to help brands get closer to their customers than ever before. As a result of our new unique offering and strategic approach, we’ve maintained a blue-chip client roster of global, dominant brands that rely on our people, thinking and creativity in continuing to evolve their marketing strategies and create sustained value for their organizations. Our brand partners and friends, include HP, Apple, Microsoft, A.C. Moore, Health & Disability Advocates, Nike, Brand Jordan, Skyy Spirits, Intel and Motorola.

    Wire Stone is an EqualOpportunity Employer. Wire Stone is a Think Beyond the Label Employer.

    Note:  Due to the large volume of replies to this listing, we regret that we will only be able to respond to those applicants that most closely match the requirements of the position as listed above. We are unable to accept phone calls about this posting. 

  • June 08

    Systems Integration Company in Boise is Looking for You

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    Do you have expertise in IT management, sales, visualization, or storage and infrastructure architecture?  Are you looking for a change of scenery from a current gig?  Looking to get back into the job market?

    If so, a very successful Systems Integration Company in Boise may be for you.  

    They are looking to add talent to their team and provide an excellent salary, health benefits, 401K and vacation package.  Employees are also encouraged to maintain certifications and technology experience - with opportunity to study for exams, attend trainings and workshops, etc.  

    The Company is a leader in the virtualization industry and has reputable clients and established relationships with Fortune 500 and SMB.

    If you are interested or know someone who might be, please send a resume to julie(at)sdhrconsulting.com.


  • June 07

    Calling All App Developers

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    Our local libraries are working on a grant application with the American Library Association and FINRA (the largest independent securities regulator in the US).  The purpose of the grant is to create engaging ways to help young professionals learn personal finance and money management skills.

    A piece of their application focuses on funding for the development of a mobile app for downloading resources, participating in a community, etc.

    They are looking for a dynamic individual or organization to create the app.  Grant funds will be budgeted to cover development costs.

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in or if you know of someone who might be, contact Lindsay Wyatt at the Boise Public Library (lwyatt(at)cityofboise.org) or 384-4442 to find out more details on the project and the grant process.

  • June 06

    Shut up and Grow!

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    We know, your Mother told you 'shut up' is not a nice word, but trust us when we tell you that its ok.  Why?  Because we said so (something else we learned from our mothers).

    In all seriousness, IdaVation 2011 has been designed with you and your entrepreneurial spirit in mind.  There is truly something for everyone at every stage in the idea generation, business creation, empire building process.  Check out the schedule here.

    Hurry!  Ticket prices go up tomorrow (the day of the event).

    Get your tickets here.  


    Tuesday, June 7th 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Boise Centre

    Don't forget that our very own Kelly Madison and Candace Sweigart are featured Igniters during the Ignite Growth session.  If that's not reason enough to buy a ticket, we don't know what is. Come and show your support for our Girls in Tech!  

    We hope to see you there!